Morena Rombolà was born in Calabria on 1979, August the 3rd.
She studied Economy of Tourism first in Siena and then in Cosenza, where she graduated in 2002.

After graduating she won a scholarship for a Master in Business Intelligence Management at University of Cosenza. Immediately after the end of the Master, she moved to Rome where she began to collaborate with renown Hotels in the city, with a brief yet important stint in Sardinia.

Her passion in the tourism industry, along with her innate liveliness and focus, motivated her in 2007 to become an entrepreneur in the area of events and wedding planning.

One year later, she founded M&A Events. She is a perfectionist, who believe in training; year after year she had the chance to improve her skill set while collaborating with some of the most prominent leaders of the sector, like the famous Italian wedding planner Enzo Miccio.

She is currently expanding her activities, focusing on innovative projects aim to promote the “Made in Italy” around the world.

Her passion for traveling, superior communication skills, proven ability to coordinate events and other facets of business with a detail oriented approach, create a unique experience for her clients; moments that last in people’s hearts forever.